Why write crime?


It’s my favourite genre to read. I do my best to create the kind of books I lose myself 

in regularly, as I explore the mechanics and psychology of criminal activity.

Any advice to aspiring authors?


Develop a thick skin and be prepared to knock on a lot of doors before finding a

publisher or agent that is prepared to take a risk with your work. Read successful 

authors but develop your own, authentic style. Separate the joy of writing, from the 

journey to becoming a published author, and do not accept rejection as defeat.

Where do you find the time to write?


I make time. It’s that simple and that difficult. There are set opportunities available to

me, such as school holidays, and I schedule my most intense writing activity around 

these periods. I enjoy the process of writing which makes it feel less like work and 

more like love.

Your favourite book of the DI Harry O’Connor (Badger) series?


Impossible to answer, although I have favourite scenes and characters from each of the novels. I love to ask readers this question though, along with which actor they imagine best playing Badger in a movie.

There is often discussion about your South African indentity and British roots. Why did you decide to to set the novels in England?


Although based in Bedford, the town where I was born and grew up, my stories rarely remain in one geographical location. Badger is a Traveller as well as a policeman and the landscapes of my novels reflect his intrinsic need to explore and keep moving. I like to imagine that like me, Bedford is the starting point of a journey but rarely exclusively, where the entire story is to be found.

More questions? Contact Amanda via the website, Twitter or follow the process of writing her next novel on Pinterest.


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