Redemption Song

ISBN-10: 1770102310

ISBN-13: 978-1770102316

Dark, enigmatic hero Harry O’Connor, aka Badger, is on long leave from the London Metropolitan Police Force, living once more among the Traveller community he grew up with as he heals physically and mentally from the strains of his last case.


When social worker Emily Meadows calls with news of a mother and daughter trapped in the clutches of a brutal Albanian warlord named Jak Kraja, Badger sets off on a mission to free them.

When Badger tries to escape with his charges, things start to go horribly wrong.


As Kraja’s net tightens, Badger turns to former police colleagues and the mysterious Albanian Traveller community for help. Badger must pit every ounce of his skills, wit and strength against a wily enemy and his henchmen as a thrilling race for survival unfolds.

Flaming June

ISBN: 978-1-77010-282-8

Harry O’Connor, better known as Badger, is back working fulltime with the London Metropolitan Police Force. When a young woman is found drowned with a footprint bruise on her back, Badger is assigned to head up the team to catch the killer(s).


The Woodmore twins run the mysterious Connect Healing and Wellness Retreat, a place that styles itself as a haven for the rehabilitation of troubled young women. As Badger uncovers that the murdered young woman was a resident at Connect Healing and Wellness Retreat, the Woodmore twins come under fire as their past is unearthed and as more bodies start to pile up. Badger is forced to send Sofia Puccini, a feisty young policewoman, undercover into Connect to investigate further, with the potential for disaster looming large as the case balances on a knife edge.


When Emily Meadows is kidnapped, Badger has to draw on all his resources, from his Irish traveller connections to Emily’s father, to try to save her before the killer strikes her first. 

Bad Blood

ISBN: 978-1-77010-101-2

The enigmatic and darkly compelling Harry O’Connor, better known as Badger, is back in a fourth gripping crime thriller from Amanda Coetzee. This time the Major Crimes detective must pit his skills and wits and his dedicated team against a deadly sniper whose dark past in Afghanistan and South Africa has come back to haunt the streets of Bedford as they explode in an unprecedented drug war.


The ex-sniper from the British Armed Forces is a suspect in a series of killings and, despite the unusual affinity that Badger feels for the man, he must put aside his own devastating personal loss to track him down – from the rooftops of Bedford to the diamond auctions of the North West province in South Africa – to prevent the body count from climbing any higher.

One Shot

ISBN: 978-1-77010-374-0

An eight-year-old boy is abandoned by his mother at a fairground and raised by a clan of Irish Travellers as one of their own. Given the name ‘Harry’ (as in any Tom, Dick or Harry) he carves out a reputation as a young bare-knuckle boxer who never backs down and earns himself the clan name ‘Badger’.


Eight years on Badger is angry, dangerous and ready to make his own way in the world. He severs all ties with his clan and in a final act of rebellion joins the London Metropolitan Police Force. He soon finds his niche as an undercover operative, blending in everywhere yet belonging nowhere. Just as Harry believes he has left his clan roots and ‘Badger’ behind him, he is sent by his superiors to establish a connection with a clan living in an informal land settlement in Bedford. A Traveller child named Mikey has been abducted and the clan is refusing to cooperate with the investigation.


Harry pairs up with Emily, an idealistic Social Services Liaison Officer, to investigate the case. Together they uncover a string of gruesome child murders and abductions dating back to 1985. Badger finds himself drawn deeper into clan life and he is ultimately forced to confront the truth about his own conflicted childhood if he is to save Mikey from becoming another victim of a twisted serial killer.


This gripping debut novel is guaranteed to keep you spellbound from the first page all the way through to its twist-in-the-tail climax.


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